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Harvey Terry16 Nov 2023 - 00:00
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Presenting Your Barnes Teams - by James Shaw

This month we will focus on our favourite social team

I spoke with Thomas Clarke captain of the Beavers. Their turnaround in fortunes this season after their relegation last year has been nothing short of brilliant.

Who are the Beavers?

"The Beavers are the best people I know, they are just a bunch of guys who come together and play Hockey every Saturday. Of course, there is a competitive nature, but we are just here for the love of the game, and we enjoy each other’s company. The team itself has been around for a while, more than half of this current group has been around for the past 4-5 years and there are some obvious original members like Angus and Pops but the core group Kaz, Amine, Nick and I have been around for at least 3 and half years."

How are the Beavers doing this year?

"Morale was definitely down last season so overall I am just really impressed by how we have come back, we got some good wins early on, so I am really proud at our turnaround in attitude and positivity. What is really apparent is our increased teamwork and how well we have improved in that department. I think everyone is working harder as a team and it is so enjoyable to see."

What are your hopes and aspirations for this season?

"I think like any other team at this club it would be great to win the competition and I think that is definitely achievable the way we are going. I want the Beavers especially the old-timers to fall in love with Hockey again and to want to be here and come back. I want people to get to the end of the season who play for the Beavers to say ‘I want to play for the Beavers again next year’."

Most recent Beavers team after their 2-1 win at NPL
The Top Row: Nick Boag-Jones, Dai Williams, Angus Pendrich, "Pops" Paul Bowen, Greg Palmer, Capt. Thomas Clarke.
The Bottom Row: Herbert Tuck, Tom Singlehurst, Calvin Berry, Tim Runcorn, Alex Neil, Duncan Lumsden, Amine Turray.

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