Honorary Members

BHC Honorary members

Members who have made a significant contribution to the hockey club have historically been made honorary members on their retirement from playing for the club. In a few instances people have returned to playing at the club.

As honorary members no subscription is payable to hockey, though if they remain at the club a social subscription to Barnes Sports Club remains payable.

Honorary members

Nigel Baker
Pauline Biddlecombe
PV Bailey
Janet Bitmead
Alistair Britten
A.C Botham
P. Cantor
Alan Cox
Eric Clarke
C. Ellis
D. Findlayson
G. Griffin
David Hall
P. Harrison
G. Heard
John Holbrook
P Hobil
Mary Kirby
A.C. Knight
Richard Levesconte
John Lewis
Sue Marsh
R.W.J. Neve
J Pettipiere
B Portch
Rev Judith Roberts
Hazel Roulston
Jane Terry
Mike Toogood
Peter Toomey
E. Wilkes
G. Winn
B. Woodham
Linda Lonsdale
Tom Ward
Frances Feehan
Roddy Wheeler
Robert Sime
Neil Anderson
Jenny George
David George
David Law
Hannah Adcock
Jane Chadwick
Gill Pattison
Sarah Warwick
David Foster
Chris Worgan
Jon Peplow
Kristi Coomber
Rachel Clark
Paul Bowen
Stephen Mason
Margaret Fitzsimmons
John Haworth
Colin Hector
Nic Preston
Andre Bailey