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1. Award winners 19/20

Congratulations to the Ladies Section winners:

Ladies Most Valuable Players 19/20 Season:

Ladies 1s - Alessa Ferguson
Ladies 2s - Emily Overend
Ladies 3s - Ruth Richardson
Ladies 4s - Jess Ward
Ladies 5s - Philippa Purser
Ladies 6s - Eleanor Robinson
Ladies 7s - Anna Hahn

Ladies Most Valuable Player 19/20 Season: Emily Overend

Ladies Most Improved Player: Emily Perkins

Ladies Captain of the Year: Lizzie Ammon

Ladies Team of the Year: Ladies 3's

Ladies Top Goal Scorer: Triona Doyle ?

Congratulations to the Men's Section winners:

Men's Most Valuable Players 19/20 Season:

Men's 1s - Danny Wills
Men's 2s - Deeyam Patel
Men's 3s - Tom Parsons
Men's 4s - Jack Bailey
Beavers - James Parker
Accidentals - Lucas Whitty

Men's Most Valuable Player 19/20 Season: Tom Parsons

Men's Most Improved Player: Jack Bailey

Men's Captain of the Year: AJ Cerqueti

Men's Team of the Year: Men's 2s

Men's Top Goal Scorer: Tom Parsons

Men's Young Player of the Year: Theo Piche-Hainsworth